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About us

If you're looking for a place of acceptance that you haven't found at other churches, we invite you to come check out a group of people trying to be a different kind of church.

You are invited to bring your whole self:  your heart, your love, your faith, your questions, and your doubts - and journey with us on the winding, bumpy road of life.

FCCC is fully-inclusive, open and affirming of LGBTQ+ Individuals

We are a Fully-Inclusive, Open and Affirming Congregation.  This means that our congregation has a deep and abiding commitment to honor the worth, dignity, gifts, and ministries of ALL of God’s children, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.  Following the way of Jesus calls us to welcome all persons into the full life and leadership of the congregation, regardless of differences in ability, background, or tradition.

FCCC is a safe place for spiritual curiosity

We are committed to being a safe place for spiritual curiosity.  If you've got questions, if you've come to find the faith of your childhood no longer stands up to grownup questions about science and reason, if you are in the midst of faith deconstruction, or if you're tired of the religious trauma that comes from the hurt and harm that is being perpetuated in the name of God: you are in good company here at Franklin Circle Church.  We guard against harmful teachings and theology - and take a posture of humility when it comes to each person's unique faith journey.  We will not try to convince you to adhere to a certain list of creeds or beliefs.  Instead, we'll provide space for community and connection to support you on your journey.

FCCC values care and connection

We are a congregation who values care and connection.  There are opportunities for you to connect with others through our Sunday morning community breakfasts, our free clothing closet, support and recovery groups, mid-week small-group connection and studies, the Women's Outreach Center, and volunteering to provide a meal for our unsheltered siblings who find overnight shelter in our building during the cold winter months.

FCCC is a Disciples of Christ Church

We are a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Congregation.  We value authenticity and transparency in an age where many other churches intentionally hide their denominational affiliation.  While each DOC congregation is independent and unique, our denomination is centered around pursuing justice and wholeness in the midst of a fragmented world.  We are in full fellowship with the United Church of Christ (UCC).  As a faith community, we are committed to letting go of any of our past religious traditions or theologies that are harmful or exclusionary.

FCCC is an Anti-Racist / Pro-Reconciling church

We are an Anti-Racist / Pro-Reconciling Congregation. Our congregation has a deep and abiding commitment to honor the worth, dignity, gifts and ministries of ALL of God’s children - celebrating our differences in race, ethnicity, national origin, language and culture.  This also means that we actively work to eradicate racism in our personal and communal lives and to include people of many races in the full life and leadership of the congregation. 

FCCC is an accessible church - allowing all persons to be part of the full life and leadership

We are an Accessible Congregation. More that just having an elevator for accessibility, we are committed to ALL of God’s children, including those who have differing abilities - physical, mental, emotional, or socio-economic.  We also are committed in heart, mind, and reality to removing barriers so that all persons may be included in the full life and leadership of the congregation, just as Jesus would have us do.

Rev. Richard Hinkelman is an ordained minister, serving the congregation of Franklin Circle Church.  At a young age, Richard felt a call to full-time ministry and upon graduating college spent the next 10 years serving at several churches in the Pittsburgh area.  Richard eventually made his way to Cleveland, working full-time as a youth theatre director and volunteering as needed at FCC in the areas of worship leader, choir director, pianist, service programmer and occasional preacher.  Having felt a call to return to full-time ministry, Richard has completed his seminary studies, receiving a Master of Divinity (MDiv) from MTSO, in Delaware, Ohio.  Richard’s heart is for those who have experienced rejection by the Church and he has dedicated his life to spreading the message that: no matter who you are, God loves you and NOTHING can separate you from God’s love in Christ Jesus. 
(Romans 8:35-39). 

You matter.  Your story matters.  You. Are. Loved.

Pastor Richard Hinkleman
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